Corporate social responsibility

The Clarion Congress Hotel Prague ranks among the largest and most prestigious hotels in the Czech Republic. The hotel business means working with people and for people; therefore it is very sensitive to interpersonal relations and fair behaviour. The size and importance of the hotel makes its management regard corporate social responsibility as a crucial parameter leading to success. The aim of the hospitality business is satisfaction of guests, which depends on professionalism and satisfaction of employees. Therefore all activities in the field of sustainable business and corporate responsibility are focused both on supporting the performance of other entities and on its own employees.
The involvement of the hotel management in socially responsible activities stems from their confidence in the appropriateness of such behaviour. The management supports beneficial initiatives in many areas. We actively seek opportunities to help. As consistent with the situation, we help either in the form of human resources, or in the form of material or financial means. And it is especially personal example and engagement which counts.

From the long term point of view, we support social and environmental activities of public as well as private bodies aimed at helping people with disabilities, environment, development and education of the young generation in the vicinity as well as in the regions all over the Czech Republic.

Our environmental programmes are focused on reducing carbon footprint, limiting energy consumption and use of detergents and minimization of waste together with recycling and reuse of materials.
Among the initiatives focused on employees are, in particular, a large-scale benefits plan and a set of plans for their motivation and personal development, as well as support of education and sports activities of employees and their families.