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Once upon a time, amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city, there was a hotel with a remarkable secret on its roof ⁠-⁠ a thriving beekeeping business.

14 carefully crafted hives and a sanctuary for over 800,000 bees, buzzing with life and purpose. Their quest was simple, but extraordinary ⁠-⁠ to produce the finest honey the city had ever tasted. And they succeeded.

The honey was so famous that it received the award for "Best City Honey" three years in a row.

The golden nectar became famous far and wide ⁠-⁠ guests sweetened their morning tea with it, spread it onto crisp morning croissants, or simply savoured it just on its own. At the clarion café, a truly unique drink ⁠-⁠ a honey cappuccino – could be enjoyed, and when their stay finally came to an end, guests bought a little jar of honey as a souvenir, a treat and a real happy ending.

And this hotel, the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, still stands today.

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„The flowers are full of honey, but only the bee finds out the sweetness“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe